About Us

Ever since its introduction in 1995 it has been an apex organisation which has been working towards enhancing bi-lateral trade and relations between the two kingdom of Nepal and U.K The aim of the chamber is to increase trade commerce investment by giving better exposure of the two countries and its economic scenario and creating and opening for investment in Nepal.

The chamber has been involve in providing information consultation promotional and representatives services to business and government sector and is organising seminars ,workshops etc in this direction to increase trade relation between the two countries and to provide better understanding and first hand knowledge about the market in U.K potential export items to U.K and potential joint venture investment in Nepal.

To provide effective services to its members and others alike the chamber is having its secretariat supported by a full time personnel. This chambers office is shifted from the premises of the British Embassy in Nepal to Laxmi Complex, Khetan Group,Hattisar and shall be accessed to the British information highway, will provide all facilities like access to library, reference material database, computer unit meeting room.


NBCCI was established in 1995 in form of an association of Nepalese Industries and businessmen having industrial or economical dealing with the U.K.in order to help in the development and expansion of the industrial and commercial sector of Nepal and promote joint venture investments and economic relations between Nepal and the U.K. through good bi-laterial relations and cooperation existing between the two countries.


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